The Benefits of Using Geo-fencing Marketing

Technology has taken business campaigns and business transaction to a whole new level. The birth of ecommerce started on a low note with businesses creating domains and websites. This was considered a major breakthrough. However, the use of advanced technology to attract leads and traffic to one’s business has gone to a higher and more technical level. Instead of throwing ads all over the internet targeting anybody and everybody, ads can now be niche and location specific with the use of geo-fencing technology. Geo-fencing as the name suggests is targeting a specific geographical area to carry out marketing campaigns. The fencing comes in because these locations can be reduced to very minute areas such a shopping mall, a petrol station, a conference meeting or an event to mention but a few. Once the target area has been identified, ads are sent to all the persons who will access that geo-fencing area. 

Since the launch of geo-fencing marketing, target adverts has gained a whole new meaning. Picture this, an important national or international conference or event is taking place next door to your store. There is no chance that your restaurant or store will be allowed to give fliers to the important delegates who are attending this meeting. How do you direct the attention of these important potential clients to your business? At one point, they will want to take a break and perhaps take a cup of fresh coffee from your joint or buy that precious gift for their loved one. These guests do not have the time to window shop but if they are sure you are next door, they will be willing to walk in and take a look at your products. This is where geo-fencing will penetrate and lure your target group right to your doorstep. View here for more about geo-fencing:

Geo-fencing only needs the customer’s mobile device location app or their WI-Fi to be on for a personalized message to be sent to their mobile device. This type of marketing campaign is used to target foot traffic of people attending a specific function, passing through the target geographical area, or even person’s walking into a competitor’s business location. These ads entice targeted audience by offering attractive offers and discounts. These campaigns are also used to inform the foot traffic of the existence of the business in the area. For instance, the geo-fencing can target a highway near your business premises to inform the person’s driving by that there is a restaurant, massage parlor, or store a few meters ahead. They are also used to maintain customer loyalty by acknowledging their every visit to your business or geographical location. Get more info on this page about geo-fencing marketing: